Engine Problems That Vehicle Owners Should Stay Mindful Of

Posted on: 3 September 2020

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, the engine is one of the most important parts to keep an eye on. Now it will eventually stop working effectively, but if you know about common issues and ways to deal with them, nothing can keep you from ensuring your engine works optimally for many more years. 


The engine can overheat if the correct temperature ranges are not properly maintained. If your engine gets hot more often than it should, chances are your engine coolant is worn. Rather than using it still and potentially running into radiator issues, change out this coolant.

Flush the coolant that's currently in your vehicle and put more in. There are many types of coolants available, but you should make sure you go with one that's high-quality and designed for your particular vehicle. Then you can restore your engine's temperature range back where it needs to be.

Leaking Motor Oil

Sometimes when you back up your vehicle, you'll see wet spots underneath where it was. If these spots are a dark-yellowish color, then that's usually an indication of leaking motor oil. This substance is so important for your engine to run efficiently.

The best way to deal with leaking motor oil is to have your vehicle looked at professionally by an auto repair shop. They can figure out the source of the leak and find a way to plug it up. It may involve a patch or a component like the lines being changed out. 

Stalled Motor

A scary problem that could happen is when your engine stalls. Make sure you stop driving immediately and troubleshoot a couple of things. Sometimes engines stall out because they don't have adequate airflow. This is because of a dirty air filter, which is extremely easy to fix.

Or, there could be a problem with your vehicle's alternator. It may not provide your engine with enough power, and that's the reason it keeps stalling. For this repair, work with a licensed auto repair shop. They can repair or replace the alternator and check for other things that could be causing the stalling. 

Out of all the components in your vehicle, the engine is one you don't want problems with. They can happen, though. If you have trouble with your vehicle's engine, remain calm and walk through the symptoms. You can then try solutions yourself and work with an engine repair shop for more severe complications.