The Auto Glass Problems Caused By Rough Roads, Rotten Seals, And Vibrations

Posted on: 9 February 2021

If your auto glass has cracks and damage around the edges, this can be a sign of a few problems that need to be repaired. This is common with older cars when the rubber seals around the glass begin to dry out and rot. The following problems may require auto glass replacement and other repairs:

Installation Cracks Due To Movement

Installation cracks are a common problem with windshields, but they don't just happen when new glass is installed. The problems can also arise with older windshields. Some of the issues that can cause installation cracks include:

  • Windshield trim hitting the glass
  • Worn sealant below the edges of the glass
  • Seals that have moved and caused damage to the glass

This often happens due to the original seals moving when there are changes in temperatures. This movement can cause the windshield to rub against the metal frame and crack. Usually, these cracks are at the edges, and they can be severe. Therefore, the windshield will need to be replaced, and new seals will need to be installed to ensure the problem is solved.

Seals Rotting and Causing Glass to Shatter

The seals around windshields and other auto glass can also cause shattering. This is a severe problem that cannot be repaired. Therefore, you are going to need to have the shattered glass removed and replaced. When the glass service removes the shattered glass, they can also remove all the rotten seals that are causing these problems. Ask the replacement service about replacing all the seals of glass in your car and not just the ones where the glass has shattered.

Shaking Causing Car Windows To Be Damaged

Your car's windows can also be prone to damage due to seals wearing and mechanical components failing. Some of the issues that can cause the windows to be damaged and need to be replaced include:

  • Damaged window control components
  • Rotting seals around the glass
  • Missing seals that cause the glass to hit metal parts

These are some of the issues that can cause car windows to be severely damaged and need to be replaced. Automatic windows in your car can be damaged easily when a part breaks. Therefore, you will want to have a professional auto glass replacement service do these repairs. They will be able to replace the glass and any damaged seals.

The issues with glass cracking in these areas can be serious problems that need to be repaired. Contact an auto glass replacement service for help replacing the glass and seals to ensure these problems are solved.